Ohioans Fight Back

How We Fight Back

Photo: Karen Kasler Photo: Karen Kasler

Next year, we'll have the chance to overturn John Kasich's tenure — but in the meantime, we can use the combined energy of so many Ohioans coming together to overturn this assault on women's health.

First, click here and sign up to join the Ohioans Fight Back campaign.

In the days and weeks ahead, we will be working with friends and allies from across Ohio to ensure that every possible legal avenue is explored, and that those that will help to overturn or impede this assault on women's health are pursued.

There are so many bad things in this budget that they can't all be addressed at once, or in the same way. But there are options. First, aspects of the law not involving the appropriation of money could be temporarily blocked through a process requiring approximately 236,000 signatures.

To submit a law to the legislature repealing the egregious aspects of this budget for a vote, approximately 118,000 signatures from registered voters in at least 44 of Ohio's 88 counties would need to be collected by early January 2014. If the legislature failed to act within four months, additional signatures could be collected to place the law on the ballot.

Whether it's an initiated statue, a legal challenge, or the combined power of thousands of letters and phone calls to state legislators coming from every corner of Ohio, we’re going to make sure no option is overlooked, and that no Ohioan who wants to help is ignored.

We're going to fight back. Ohioans are fighting back.